The idea and title for this book took root in my 5 year-old head while repeatedly watching my uncle smear Dijon mustard on his quartered orange slices and then slurp them down. It stuck with me from that point on like a bad food dream, yet almost everyone in the diverse cross section of people that I interviewed for this book had some creative food combo to share that showcased their own wonderfully wacky uniqueness.  To you, some of these concoctions may look and sound strange and hardly edible; to their originators they are sublime and delicious.  I’ll bet you have one you could share too…!

OK, I’m sure you get the picture here; I simply complied a crazy collection of eclectic food concoctions, put together to entertain you and to raise money for starving children everywhere. That’s right, there are increasing numbers of kids all over who would consider any of these combos a full meal, so we’re selling the book to help put a big dent in that problem.  Enjoy this fun book and thanks to all of you for your support!

Steve Wiley


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to food banks throughout the U.S., as there are literally millions of starving kids across America who would consider any of these concoctions Thanksgiving dinner.

P.S.  We will gladly partner with non-profit organizations as well who want to utilize our book to help raise funds.  Inquire about details through our “Retail” page.

"Eco-friendly 6"x6" size. 192 pages. Full Color. Lots of color, lots of laughs." $8.99

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